Shroud of Turin exhibit comes to Mall of Asia

Shroud of TurinSince I was a little boy, I’d always been fascinated by the mystery of the Shroud of Turin. Several issues of National Geographic, as well as material I’d run into throughout the course of my faith life. Well, now’s the time for me to truly enjoy the many mysteries behind this Christian relic. The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin is now showing in Manila at the SM Mall of Asia until December 9.

The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin exhibition is a 45-minute lights and sounds show that highlights the Shroud’s history, detailing the facts and myths behind the most studied archaeological artifact of all time. A module-by-module tour of the historical pilgrimage of the Shroud detailing the various theories based on art, science, technology, and the Bible that aim to shed light on this historical, scientific and ecclesiastical phenomenon, is another highlight.

Revered for hundreds of years as the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, the Shroud of Turin is locked away in a cathedral in Italy, publicly displayed only three or four times a century. On these rare occasions, pilgrims from all over the world troop to Turin to witness the exposition. Most of the items on display come from the collection of Mr. Barrie Schwortz, the Official Documenting Photographer commissioned by King Umberto II of Savoy, the Shroud’s previous monarch-owner.

Do swing by The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin if you get the chance. You won’t regret it.

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