Total weight loss so far: 11kgs, I’m halfway there (pix!)

I think it’s time for a Slim4Him update, don’t you? I peaked at around 230 lbs. (104 kgs.) sometime in early 2006. Here’s what I looked like in March 2006 at Big Buddha Greenbelt.


Look, it’s Big Buddha! LOL Okay, so maybe the jaw’s a little bit of an exaggeration. Hahaha. But you can see the fat around the cheeks, the shoulders, and even the fingers. A more realistic picture would be the one below.


Eating a Krispy Kreme Philippines doughnut, November 15, 2006.

I started South Beach in February 2007, and began going to the gym a month later. After six months, I’m now at 93 kgs., which means I’ve lost a total of 11 kgs. so far, or about 25 lbs. Here’s a shot taken three days ago.



Suiting up, a new haircut, less snacking – although I’ve got a bag of Nachos to help me deal with a superstressful event this morning – and a more active lifestyle is really paying off. I also joked to some friends that I was taking some Japanese pills. The truth is, I did take some pills a few weeks ago, but stopped them after about a week because I fell sick with influenza. After I recovered, I took them for another week, then got tonsillitis. When I recovered from that, I took them for another few days, then I got a cough and my tonsillitis came back. I pretty much decided, man, maybe I should lay off the pills for a while! LOL Haven’t taken ’em since.

Six months, 25 lbs. If I can keep this up, I can actually reach my target weight loss goal of 50 lbs. in a year. :)

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