This Ahhoo 988 DVD player from SM Hypermarket

Last Thursday, I was privileged to win an Ahhoo 988 DVD player from SM Hypermarket, having placed in a three-way tie for 3rd at their recently concluded SM Hypermarket Blogging Contest. (Thanks once again!)

Cathy and I have a Pioneer DVD player that we purchased when we got married back in 2002.  It has served us extremely well, and I was not particularly enthused about replacing it with a DVD player whose brand I did not even recognize. Once again, my closed-mindedness to lesser brand names reared its ugly head, but boy, was I proven wrong!

This Ahhoo DVD player is PHENOMENAL.

First off, its interface is touch screen. 1000 pogi points! If you wish to operate the Ahhoo DVD player from the machine itself, you press it on a screen that shows eject, play, skip forward, skip backward, and stop functions with a sleek laser-type touch-screen display. No clunky buttons. Gorgeous!

Second off, this Ahhoo DVD player apparently doesn’t care about DVD regions. We tested DVDs purchased from to see if it could play Region 1 and 3 DVDs, as well as a couple of DVDs that were purchased from shady elements at Makati Cinema Square. All DVDs played quickly and efficiently. It apparently can also play mp3 CDs, CDs, VCDs, CD-Rs, and CD-ROMs, allowing you to show pictures and computer slideshows.

Third off, it has a microphone function that plugs in perfectly with my mother-in-law’s Magic Sing. Our Pioneer didn’t have that. Nathan can sing his children’s karaoke songs directly from the DVD player, instead of my having to twist my back to plug the microphone into the mike jack at the back of the TV. Convenient!

Fourth off – and this blows my mind – this Ahhoo DVD player has a gaming computer function! That’s right! We opened the box and there were two computer handsets (I don’t know the technical term), which I could attach to the DVD player, along with a CD that contained over 300 classic games! CRAZY! Super Mario Brothers to PacMan, Circus Charlie to Arkanoid, Galaga, Battle City, Pinball, all the stuff of my wife’s and my childhood!

As I type this, Cathy, Nathan, and Nicki are watching the fourth season of Frasier on our spankin’ new Ahhoo DVD player. I’m about to sit down to a late breakfast of bacon, eggs, and rice. Will wash it down with a cool can of Pepsi Light. Beside me, a bag of Mister Chips in case I get a hankerin’ for the munchies later while watching Kelsey Grammer make a fool of himself. You can make a wild guess where we bought all this sustenance – that’s right, SM Hypermarket North EDSA.

Thank you again, SM Hypermarket, for this spectacular Ahhoo DVD player! It’s gonna make a lot of amazing memories for the Deens. Cheers!

(Note: the Ahhoo Philippines website doesn’t have information on the Ahhoo 988 DVD player, but you can take a look at the variety of available models there. They all look spectacular!)

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