Filipina Focus: Wifely Steps

filipina.jpgToday, I honor an amazing Filipina writer, wife, and friend, Wifely Steps!

Here are my Top 10 Reasons why Wifely is a terrific Filipina.

10. Wifely is a Filipina who is not afraid to cook – and is not ashamed of the occasional failure.

9. Wifely is a Filipina who is fiercely proud of her Filipino husband.

8. Wifely is a Filipina who delights in keeping house.

7. Wifely is a career Filipina, forging ahead and claiming success in an industry not readily welcoming of most women.

6. Wifely is a Filipina who gladly accepts her physical shape, and revels in her own unique beauty.

5. Wifely is a Filipina blogger who now maintains Happy Nest, a blog on

4. Wifely is an award-winning Filipina writer, whose blogs of positivity and grace shine out in our selfish online world.

3. Wifely is a loyal Filipina friend and confidante.

2. Wifely is going to be a spectacular Filipina mom. (Prophecy!)

And the number one reason why Wifely Steps is a terrific Filipina:

1. Wifely celebrates, encourages, and champions the achievements and accomplishments of other Filipinas. In a world of crab mentality, Wifely is a breath of fresh air, a model Filipino woman in every sense of the word.

This week’s Filipina Focus: my longtime buddy online and offline, Wifely Steps. I am so privileged to call you friend, Toni.

This post is part of a weekly post series I’m titling Filipina Focus to honor the fabulous Filipina. It is also part of the campaign to reshape the image of the Filipina online by linking to the websites of the best Filipina women bloggers and Filipina organizations. The Filipina is an independent Filipina, a God-fearing Filipina, a funny Filipina, a Filipina who deserves accolades for everything she’s done. For information on the Reclaim the Filipina campaign, click here or here.

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