Filipina Focus: Catherine Midel Deen

filipina.jpgToday marks one week since my beautiful Filipina wife, Cathy, left for Malaysia to present a research paper at an international conference for educators. Cathy Midel Deen is the Admissions Director of DLS-College of Saint Benilde, a position for which she is a perfect fit as an independent, intelligent Filipina woman, and she’s done absolute wonders since she stepped into the rather large shoes left by the retirement of the fiercely efficient Filipina educator Adette Unson.

Cathy is an absolutely spectacular wife. She is forgiving, as most Filipinas are, and extremely patient, an admirable trait given the lout she decided to marry. Before she left for Malaysia, she made a menu list, typed into my mobile phone all the errands and tasks I had to do, left money and resources, and did that all while feeding Nicki. No ordinary Filipina, my wife, I’ll tell you. When she got to Malaysia, the first thing she did was buy me this book I’d been looking for for the long time, The Dante Club.

Cathy is also a loving Filipina mother. She always does her best to make sure Nathan and Nicki are comfortable and provided for. She continues to feed Nicki naturally, a truly admirable thing because it’s not easy to breastfeed. Always level-headed and civil, she’s a model Filipina mom, cooking and cleaning and doing all that with a smile on her face.

This week’s Filipina Focus: my beautiful wife, Cathy. I love you, sweetheart! That you chose me to be your partner just overwhelms me with pride and gratitude. Rock this world, baby! (Can’t wait til you get back.)

This post is part of a weekly post series I’m titling Filipina Focus to honor the fabulous Filipina. It is also part of the campaign to reshape the image of the Filipina online by linking to the websites of the best Filipina women bloggers and Filipina organizations. The Filipina is an independent Filipina, a God-fearing Filipina, a funny Filipina, a Filipina who deserves accolades for everything she’s done. For information on the Reclaim the Filipina campaign, click here or here.

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