Watch the debut video of ‘Pastor Puppet Pals’

You’ll notice it’s 12 in the morning. I just had a doozy of a time trying to put Nicki to sleep. Oi vey, a one-month-old can sure be cranky.A few hours ago, I uploaded ‘Pastor Puppet Pals,’ my entry to the Every Nation Funniest Home Videos contest. It’s inspired by the ‘Potter Puppet Pals’ phenomenon on YouTube, but I put a spin on the lyrics, the melodies, even the look, so it looks fresh and everything.

The idea, of course, is a litany of various countries where we can share the gospel. It’s to the ends of the earth, with countries represented from every continent (except Antarctica; I imagine most penguins are most likely saved).

I truly enjoyed making this video. Recording and layering my voices for the ‘Pastor Puppet Pals’ theme and the a capella song, the searching for the right clothes to dress the puppets in, the countless takes so my sleeve or fingers wouldn’t show up on screen (at some point, I just gave up and acknowledged that it was bound to show, and there’s nothing wrong with that)… making this video blessed me more than anything.

It is my sincere hope that Pastors Steve, Joey, and Robert don’t bar me from entering the Araneta Coliseum if they ever get to see this video. I thought they were really cute, and I hope that Victory people will feel the same way.

The video is now included in the official list here, and hopefully, will receive enough votes to qualify for the Top 3 in the Creative category come July 21. If you’re registered and you like ‘Pastor Puppet Pals,’ you can vote for ‘Pastor Puppet Pals’ from July 18 to 19. (I imagine voting information will be made available well before then.)

See you on July 21, everybody! (Oh, wanna view the video? Sure, right after the jump.)

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