What should Elliott Yamin release in the Philippines for his second single?

With Elliott Yamin coming to the Philippines for an Asian tour in September, Wait For You will probably be an exhausted carrier single by then. It will be time to promote a second single to radio for airplay. What Elliott Yamin song should be released in the Philippines for his second single?

Of course, we assume that Hickory Records, Yamin’s label, will already sign with a local distributor for release. I’m personally hoping it will be Warner Music, because Warner releases Philippine editions of the foreign release for Php325, making the album more affordable (and likely to top album charts in the Philippines, as we E-Fans will go out in droves to buy it). The fact that Elliott Yamin already has a #1 hit in his hands here makes it so much more imperative that his album be released here, with tons of bonus tracks (including Whiter Shade of Pale! Come on!).

What album track off Elliott Yamin do you E-Fans think should be released to radio by the time Elliott visits? Here’s a short list of what could be good for Elliott’s airplay here:

You Are The One. With acoustic and full-band versions, You Are The One has the power to crossover easily, although its pop sensibilities may alienate those who associate Elliott with the R. Kelly-esque slow jam appeal of Wait For You.

Alright. The most urban-sounding track on the album, Alright could crossover easily, and hit the younger market. In an era of intense hiphop/R&B battles on Pinoy radio, Alright could find a ready audience.

I’m The Man. Readily singable with a great hook, I’m The Man has pop airplay written all over it.

Movin’ On. Sure, it’s kinda old, but that’s in the US. Movin’ On was never officially released here in the Philippines, and it’s got the right hook and funk to become a hit.

I personally think he should release – for the Philippine market – his unbelievable take on Doctor Hook’s Sharing the Night Together. It is guaranteed #1 in the Philippines! What do you think, E-Fans? If we could influence Elliott’s distributor here, what track would you recommend released to radio?

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