On tattoos and being in a “band”

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When I was a sophomore in college, I joined an a capella group in Ateneo named ReVerse. It was an eight-man group specializing in a capella arrangements of current R&B tracks and some great pop nuggets. Some of the best moments of my life were spent singing with ReVerse; it was a fulfillment, in a way, of a lifelong dream to be singing in front of people.

One of the guys in the band, a great guy we’ll call G-Funk, got a tattoo on his arm of a dragon in the shape of a G. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, thtat1.pnginking to myself, “I want one.” It certainly wasn’t because of a desire to be deviant or anything, but I’d always wanted Tattoos. After saving up money from my allowance, I asked G-Funk to come with me to Cartimar, where skin artist Ricky Sta. Ana had a practice, so I could get one.

True to form, I didn’t want a skull and bones or anything remotely dangerous-looking. I decided to go with a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo off the Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes collection.

I still remember the experience. Ricky Sta. Ana was a remarkably paternal figure. He ran me through how he would do it, gave me some Storck so I wouldn’t feel too much pain (sugar still numbs all kinds of pain to this day)…

I was very happy with the work. There I was, a kid in college, with a cartoon tat. I’m still proud of it.

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