Getting a Taste of Asia on July 3

The last time I went out with a group of bloggers was the BlogParteeh ’07 in January, and I had myself a blast. I told myself, “Chile (sans the D), you should go out every once in a while, or you gone go crazy.”

Well, I’m going out again. This time, I’m meeting all the usual suspects, plus a ton of new faces. There will be food, there will be laughter, there will be too much picture taking.

All this, courtesy of the the folks behind the Taste of Asia restaurant at the Mall of Asia.

On July 3, 2007, the SM Hypermarket (I thought it was Hypermart, but whatever) sponsors over 120 bloggers at 7:30PM at the Taste of Asia Restaurant. We are to get, well, a taste of Asia at the Mall of Asia.

It’s brilliant online marketing, really. We’ll blog about the place, blog about the food, blog about the great time we had there. That’s 120+ bloggers all blogging about this restaurant. It’ll flood the Internet with (hopefully) positive word-of-mouth on the restaurant. Brilliant idea, absolutely splendid. Couldn’t’ve done better myself.

I’m going as a ‘religious’ blogger, together with nine others, thanks to Jomar. See you there!

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