I can smell the dollars already

I am so psyched! I’m US$5.85 away from receiving my first Google AdSense paycheck. Heeheehee.

What shall I buy to celebrate? A new horn and leather seats for Gina, or maybe some rims? (“They spinnin’, n****, they spinnin’! They spinnin’, n****, they spinnin’! They spinnin’, n****, they spinnin’!!” – Chris Rock)

A pair of awesome Adidas gym shoes?

Oh, wow, I wanted this really awesome boxed set of all seasons of Frasier, which I know Cathy would love.

And I shouldn’t forget God’s 10% share…

Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll give the check to Cathy and let her do with it what she wants to do with it. That’s what faithful, dutiful husbands do. *grin*

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