New technologies, old shoes, new lifestyle, old blues

New technologies. The office assigned me a new laptop, upgrading me from my desktop computer to a sleek Compaq Presario V3000. The computer, while incredibly sexy, is terribly inefficient, thanks, I’m told, to its turtle-slow Windows Vista OS. I therefore bask in the sexiness of its ultrahot Altec Lansing speakers and shiny black exteriors while waiting five minutes for it to boot, ten minutes to launch Windows Media Player, and fifteen minutes for the OpenOffice Writer to start up.

To go with the laptop, I upgraded the hot pink (U)Nano – the 1GB Chinese-made Nano imitation mp4 player I bought for Cathy – to a 2GB one made by CD-R King. With twice the memory and its sleek black exteriors, it’s certainly an improvement. Matching these two new tech toys with my black CD-R King headphones, my black Nokia 6020, even my black 64-oz. drinking bottle (for the 8 8-oz glasses of water diet requirement!), all color has literally disappeared from my life.

Old shoes. Ironically, as I start to look the part of a hot new lead for the hot new phase of the company, I sport a pair of ancient Reebok tennis shoes whose seams above the laces have literally torn open. I therefore spoke to my brother-in-law to lend me a pair of shoes so I could retire my geriatric footwear, and today is now Day Two of my ancient K-Swiss rubber shoes. Strangely, these are probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I wonder how a brand-new pair would feel.

New lifestyle, old blues. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been to the gym, and I feel my old weight and lifestyle starting to creep up on me. Today alone, I wolfed down a siopao, two candy bars, a can of diet soda, and two packs of nuts. And that was outside of lunch. I NEED TO GO BACK TO THE GYM ,STAT.

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