Looking for Christian music to stream!

Calling all Christian musicians, managers, A&R representatives, and label executives!

If you are an independent Christian musician looking to get your music out onto the Internet without losing copyright control, GannsDeen.com wants offers you an easy way to promote your music – at virtually no cost to you!

Other larger music websites like MySpace forever for your songs to stream to fans. GannsDeen.com provides a quick audio stream that loads fast and clear, offering potential fans a quick way to listen to your music!

If you are looking to build buzz for your new single, or an album about to drop, GannsDeen.com can post information about you and link directly to your website, helping you build word-of-mouth and giving people searching for info on you a place to go!

Plus, if I think you and your music can serve to edify Filipino youth, I may even arrange for an email interview to promote you more on my other Christian website, the Filipino-Christian youth magazine LIVEtheLIFEMagazine.com! That’s a lot of great online promotion for you – FOR FREE.

What’s in it for me? Nothing much, really. I’m just a fellow Christian musician looking to promote Christian music on the Internet.

(I won’t lie to you; not all songs sent to GannsDeen.com will be streamed. I tend to give priority to songs that, in my opinion, can find airplay on American Christian AC/Inspo charts. If I like your song, I’ll say so. If I’m not so much into it, but the lyrics and/or melody can serve to bless someone online in my opinion, I’ll post it anyway. If I really don’t think it fits the image or mood of GannsDeen.com, I’ll be sure to email you and hope you don’t take it against me.)

In exchange for all I’m to do for you, all I ask is a quick mention (and/or link) on your official website or MySpace page telling people they can listen to your song on my website. That’s all you have to do. One quick link. :)

If you’re interested, email me a short artist’s bio along with an mp3 of your song. I will never upload your mp3s onto any shareware for illegal download. I promise to get back to you within a week of my receipt of your song, regarding whether or not I will stream it on my website.

God bless your ministries!

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