Yamin delivers possibly best Idol debut album to date!

Cathy and I asked our cousin Joemel to buy us a copy of Elliot Yamin’s self-titled debut album, which we will enjoy upon his return to the Philippines in April.

Meanwhile, I downloaded tracks to give the album an advance listen, and I will stake my reputation as a musician, music reviewer, and Idol fanatic in what I am about to say.

Elliott Yamin delivers arguably the best debut pop album from any Idol contestant from any previous season to date.

Of course, such a sweeping generalization, especially in the light of the success of Kelly Clarkson’s, Carrie Underwood’s, and Chris Daughtry’s debuts, is going to be torpedoed by many. Hey, all these artists’ albums are also stellar in their respective genres, so don’t crucify the reviewer. Elliott’s album is more pop/soul/R&B, which I think works for his unique, unforgettable voice.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the songs. The best part about Elliott Yamin is that it highlights – sans studio gloss – the voice of the Virginia native. Yamin went into the studio without the powerful backing of the Simons and Clive Davis, and it shows in the raw power of Yamin’s vocal. The result is an album chockful of songs that spotlight the man’s incredible voice.

First radio single Wait For You is a radio-friendly slow jam intended for adult R&B stations that can cross over into adult contemporary and pop. Advanced single Movin’ On is a shining, shimmering, pumping, toe-tapper of a track that will get your head bobbing to its irresistible beat. Elliott also reworks signature song A Song For You into an even more vocally-driven torch song. How this man made this track sound fresher than he already did on American Idol is a testament to his talent and versatility.

Power ballad I’m The Man has an unforgettable melody, and the gospel chorus on Free absolutely soars. Trainwreck builds up to a crashing chorus in a good way, and, well, don’t get me started on Take My Breath Away.

Yamin deserves every ounce of success he gets. His voice is one of the finest to ever come from any season of American Idol, and, if this album is any indication, Yamin’s career will be a bright shining one for years to come.

Buy Elliott Yamin today! You won’t regret it.

Here’s a sample: Elliott’s stunning retake on A Song For You.


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