I’m home, I’m home!

I’m typing this entry from my desk overlooking the Makati skyline. Across the street is a relatively decrepit building, on one floor of which a woman is removing laundry from a clothesline. Cars are driving by, and behind me, my good friend Lean is working on email.

There’s nothing on my desk, save for the temporary laptop on which I’m writing this entry, my mobile phone, which is charging on the bye, and a plastic bag containing a bag of chips and a VST Bossa Nova CD.

There are 113 messages waiting for me to open, a ton of material for me to write, two new copywriters (and two other new Zimmies in the company) for me with whom to make my acquaintance, and a dozen new developments into which to sink my teeth.

It’s the first day of my return to DirectWithHotels, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.

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