KPOP Radioactive Countdown on 106.7 Energy FM

Did you know there is K-Pop radio show in Manila?? That’s right! The KPOP Countdown on 106.7 Energy FM is hosted by DJ Rey Mambo, and it allows KPop fans to vote for their favorite songs by tweeting or voting on the official fan page of the show. The two-hour program also airs Kpop classics as well as up-and-coming tunes. (As long as they have CDs of the artists. Now’s the time for Filipino fan clubs to rise up and promote their biases! Send your CDs to Energy so your artists can finally get some local airplay!)

I recently appeared on the show to promote SECRET, my favorite Korean girl group. Go #IDoIDo!
KPOP Countdown on 106.7 Energy FM

Christian K-Pop fans! Get “Prayers for Oppa!”

prayers-for-oppaHey Christian K-Pop fans! I’ve got a book recommendation for you that might be right up your alley.

Prayers for Oppa is a devotional tool written by Teresa Santoski for Christian K-Pop fans looking to support their favorite performers through prayer, as well as provide a way to reach out to fans who may or not be Christian.

It’s also a handy tool for performers looking to deepen their relationship with God, create a spiritual support system between them and their fans, and use their influence to make God’s all-encompassing love and care accessible to those who do not yet know Jesus.

Each devotional includes prayers and applicable Bible verses for fans and performers.

Prayer devotionals for fans include:

  • Is your favorite performer sick or injured? Turn to the Healing section.
  • Are they going through a tough time in their career? Go to Difficulty Getting Work.
  • Want to support them in their efforts to share their faith? Try Social Media, Sharing God with Others or Taking a Stand.
  • Prayers for Oppa also contains a section on how to become a Christian and nurture your relationship with God, as well as suggested talking points for performers who would like to share their faith in interviews.

It also contains devotionals for Christian performers:

  • Giving an outdoor concert on a rainy night? Check out Performance Safety.
  • Feeling pressure due to the expectations of others? Flip to Discouragement.
  • Wondering if you’re presenting yourself to the public in a way that brings God glory? Find what you need in the Fan Service and Image sections.

I’ve read the sample devotional and it looks really good! As a Christian writer and music aficionado who likes K-Pop, I think Prayers for Oppa is a useful and clever material that can help us tap into our intercessory potential and cover our favorite artists in prayer. Ironically, I also think that doing the devotional actually resets our minds from focusing on the “idols” we enjoy, and instead refocuses it on our own relationship with Jesus, which is great.

[Sample devotional] [More information] [PrayersForOppa on Twitter]

Song Ji Eun, “False Hope”

The lead vocalist of Korean girl group Secret, Song Ji Eun, has released False Hope (also known as Hope Torture, as the carrier of a three-track EP of the same title. This jazzy mid-tempo song speaks of the torture a person goes through at the hands of someone who is leading that person on. Naturally, I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Song Ji Eun is a goddess and everything she releases should go to number one. LOLz





Song Ji Eun

ijen modu kkeutirago haejwo
Never Tease Me
deo isang amu
soyong eobtdago marhaejwo
Make It Easy

ijeul man hamyeon neon
jakkuman natanaseo
nal heundeureo
ajigdo nan neoreul
itji motae babo cheoreom

neoneun nareul saranghaji anha
da algo isseo nan
doraseodo milchyeo naedo
dashi tto chajawa

geureon nuneuro baraboji ma
geu ppeonhan geojitmal
haji ma geureoji ma
ijeneun nae beoryeodwo
nareul chatji ma

deo isangeun naege sondaeji ma
Never Touch Me
neujeun bam sure chwihae
jeonhwado haji ma Never
I know you’re tipsy
whenever you call me

cham nappa neon bogo
shipdaneun mallo nal tto ullyeo
ajigdo nan neoreul
itji motae babo cheoreom

neoneun nareul saranghaji anha
da algo isseo nan
doraseodo milchyeo naedo
dashi tto chajawa

geureon nuneuro baraboji ma
geu ppeonhan geojitmal
haji ma geureoji ma
ijeneun nae beoryeodwo
nareul chatji ma

naneun neoreul
sarang haesseotna bwa
tto ulgo isseo nan
jugeul mankeum
miwo haedo jiwo jiji anha

geureon nuneuro baraboji ma
nal saranghaetdan mal
haji ma geureoji ma
ijeneun nae beoryeo dwo
nareul chatji ma

Secret, “Twinkle Twinkle” PV

Korean girl group Secret has released Twinkle Twinkle, a reworked version of Rock Lee Go, a song from popular Japanese cartoon NARUTO SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full Power Ninden, as its latest single in Japan. Hyosung, Jieun, Zinger, and Sunhwa look terrific in the video, which is as aegyo as aegyo can get, I guarantee it. Japanese musician Ishiwatari Junji, who collaborated with the group of its previous three Japanese singles, will partner with Hans W, best known for his work with the Japanese crossover material of Korean girl group KARA.

Three CD versions of Secret’s Twinkle Twinkle have been made available, including two limited releases. You can view the official vid for Twinkle Twinkle here (but only if you’re in Japan). The rest of us have to try and circumvent the system… like so.

First, Taetiseo’s Twinkle. Now Secret’s Twinkle Twinkle. Clearly, these two K-Pop girl groups are stars! (See what I did there?)

Hashiri dashita sono senakaga
Don nani hanaratemo watashi wa hora
Me woto jiraba sobani iruwa
Furikaera nakute iiyo
Anata wa zutto akogaradatta
Kono mama zutto yume wo misasete
Twinkling Girl, Twinkling Boy!
Kokoro wa itsumo kira kira no mama
Kotoba ni dekinai awai omoi no eruyo
Sotto munehe todoke
Anata ga zutto daisuki datta
Kono mama zutto kagaya ite ite
Rock Lee Go, Rock Lee Go!
Do ryoku wa itsumo wasune nai dene
Doki doki tokimeki sono shinjita michi no
Hatede yume yo kanae

Secret, “So Much For Goodbye”

Korean girl group Secret has released a PV (preview video) for So Much For Goodbye, a track that will apparently feature on the ladies’ second Japanese single, scheduled to drop at the end of the month. (That will make an excellent birthday present for me, I’m just sayin’.)

I’m not normally a fan of K-Pop ballads, but So Much For Goodbye works for me very, very well. Jieun and Hyosung deliver, as expected, but the big revelation is Zinger, who has a remarkably beautiful singing voice, and Sunhwa, who isn’t such a hot mess. (Get this lady a drama!)

Actually, all the girls emote very well in the So Much For Goodbye PV, crying and staring off into the pretty, Etude House-ish set. All decked out in whites and peaches, the ladies of Secret show that they are truly capable of any kind of music. They’ve pulled off a sassy Beyonce-type sound, they’ve done a retro pop sound, they’ve even done Korean folk, and all the songs are pulled off with class and authenticity. In my opinion, Secret is one of the most under-appreciated, yet most talented and hardworking, girl groups in Korea. Admittedly, this is a K-Pop release, but we Secret Agents (Secretimes?) will take what we can get. And this time around, the going got better than we expected.

Secret – So Much For Goodbye PV

Secret transforms “Starlight Moonlight” into a Christmas release for Japan

Korean girl group Secret, fresh from its promotions for new single Love is Move, has released Starlight Moonlight in Japan. However, the folks at Sony Music Japan have decided to shake things up a bit, and have transformed the cute aegyo song into a Christmas track that is absolutely bursting with Yuletide cheer! I wasn’t that big a fan of Starlight Moonlight, but I have to admit that the Christmas context makes Starlight Moonlight absolutely fantastic. I love it love it love it!

Secret, “Starlight Moonlight”

Korean girl group Secret is back with a new single! Starlight Moonlight is the carrier song of the girl group’s third mini-album of the same title. Secret, who scored an all-kill #1 hit a few months with Shy Boy, returns to the retro sound of that single, bringing in a bit of the folksy to come up with a song that is decidedly different from many other songs currently invading K-Pop shores. Personally, I love Secret, and I love lead vocalist Song Ji Eun, who is the hottest woman in K-Pop today, but I confess I didn’t like Shy Boy initially, and the way I feel about Starlight Moonlight is basic ambivalence right now. I think it’ll grow on me like Shy Boy did, but I’m not very confident about its chances to score the girls another #1 hit along the same vein. Here’s hoping for some more Madonna-esque music at their next go-around.