A special wedding

A hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Rowena Palacios, whose wedding last night was definitely one of the more heartfelt ones I'd ever been to. With most of the production truly a family affair – down to the homemade wedding cakes, invitations, and games – without comparison, I was blessed and honored to have been invited to this gathering.

In the course of the evening, I found some pleasant surprises!
The instant blog EB

I ran into some bloggers! I knew I would meet Toni of Wifely Steps (left, in pink zigzag dress), but I was surprised and thrilled to run into Maan of MySilverchair! I've been a fan and have followed Maan's blog ever since it came online (she even won a Superblessed Christian Blog Award from me for Favorite Christian Blog – Female, if I'm not mistaken), and we were like a couple of giddy children jumping up and down. Thanks, Row and Mike, for the instant meeting of minds.

gannsandjehan.jpgAs if that weren't enough, I also ran into Jehan of Jeigermeister! Can't say I knew of the regularity of her blog, but now that I do, you can bet I'll add her to my blogroll when the time is right.

What I truly appreciate about weddings is how we can catch up with other friends who we haven't seen in ages! Some other friends I ran into were (left to right) Tiffany (who's a DJ!), David (who's leaving for the US), Katz (who is leading her own company), Ali (who chairs this new program at Ateneo),  camera-shy Itchyworms lead singer Jugs (who hosted wonderfully with his other half, CD), and Nix and Maita Nolledo, who are so blessed with their second child on the way. I also took a picture of the fantastic artwork, and, of course, the happy couple, Mike and Row.

gannsandtiff.jpg gannsanddave.jpg gannsandkatz1.jpg gannsandali.jpg jugs.jpg nixandmaita.jpg table16.jpg rowandmike.jpg

gannsb4aftr.jpgHow to lose ten pounds in two seconds. Finally, I showed some very interested people a neat trick I usually employ for photos. As you know, it's harder for chubby people to look good on camera, so here's a trick I do. You put your shoulders down, lean forward, press your tongue up against the roof of your mouth, turn your face to the right (or left, if that's your good angle), and smile. It drops 10 pounds off, just like that. Here's a pic to illustrate my point. Cheers!

So much for a lazy Saturday

It's a hot and somewhat humid Saturday afternoon here in Quezon City, and while Nathan sleeps in the next room, I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on some much-needed (and wanted) Net updating. The next two weeks are going to be crucial for my career, and I'm just setting myself up to ensure that things will be okay, regardless of what happens in July.First of all, I'm on WordPress! Yes, I can't believe it myself. After more than seven years on Blogger, I've bitten the bullet and shifted blog software. I'm not totally killing Superblessed on Blogspot just yet, because for one thing, I don't want to waste the hits, hah!, and, for another thing, I'm still negotiating for actual hosting (something I hadn't done since Superblessed.net was hosted on Hostking.ph), so I'll see where that takes me before I make any commitments to nice website design and all that. I will say this, though: Toni's blog alone makes for a convincing shift to WordPress.

Second, I've set up a store on CafePress. Titled FaithFactor (because some other entity "stole" Superblessed – I know I may not have a license on it, but come on! Search for Superblessed on the Internet and I'm all over the first five pages!), I've uploaded some original Christian designs that are funny and thought-provoking. Help out a Filipino-Christian and purchase a t-shirt or something; you won't regret it. LOLOn the freelance writing side, I've finally worked something out with some friends of mine, and it looks like I'll be writing on the side again. This makes me so happy; I miss being able to write, and my creative juices, while flowing, just aren't flowing across many topics (since there's only one real topic I write about at my current place of work).

Over on the spirituality side, I'm preparing for the Victory Men's Weekend in July. I can't tell you how excited yet afraid I am – I know that God has much to tell me, and I'd better brace myself to face my demons yet again. I know, though, that God loves me even though I can be such a pain, and His grace is sufficient for me.

Well, I have to go and prepare for Rowie and Mike's wedding. I'll have photos! It'll be such a great time! God superbless their union.