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  • Idina Menzel, “Let It Go”


    I recently brought my kids to watch Disney’s Frozen, and they were amazed by the quality of the movie. It really was amazing to begin with, but what stood out for me was the music! It returned me to the Disney Revivals of the 1990s, starting with The Little Mermaid, and reaching its pinnacle with […]

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  • On “Sweet Genius”


    My wife and I just caught “Sweet Genius” on cable TV just a few minutes ago, and suffice it to say that it was quite the experience. The premise of “Sweet Genius” is simple: four chefs skilled in the sweet arts (pastry & sweets, basically) compete for a US$10,000 prize, based on creativity and taste […]

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  • On “Scam City”


    I recently started watching a Nat Geo show, “Scam City,” with my wife. In this show, economist and author Conor Woodman seeks out thieves and con artists in some of the world’s greatest cities, armed with an undercover team and hidden cameras. So far, I haven’t seen any episodes of Scam City shot in Manila, […]

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  • Ganns Likes: “Dear Mr. Watterson”

    Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 10.35.20 AM

    Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary about Calvin and Hobbes, a comic strip that was extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Directed by Joel Allan Schroeder (the fact that his family name is the same as another popular comic strip character, the piano-playing prodigy in Charles Schultz’s Peanuts, doesn’t escape me) and produced by […]

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  • Ganns’ Top 10 – July 24 2010

    Christ For the Nations’ My Soul Longs records a second week at #1, fending off, yet again, Nichole Nordeman’s “Beautiful For Me,”, a resurgent Beckah Shae at #3 with Life, and a hot new debut at #4, Heather Williams’ Hallelujah. Next week, I expect a strong debut from Matthew West, so it’s a pretty competitive […]

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  • “Put Down That Remote” by Neil Patrick Harris is the best Emmy opening I’ve ever seen

    [zdvideo]http://gannsdeen.com/audio2/PutDownTheRemote.mp4[/zdvideo] Put Down The Remote (lyrics after the jump) was the Broadway-inspired opening number delivered by Neil Patrick Harris, star of How I Met Your Mother, that kicked off the 2009 Emmy Awards. By far, one of my favorite opening salvos of any award show and probably the best Emmy Awards ceremony opener I’ve ever […]