• American Idol
  • Danny Gokey, “Hope in Front of Me”


    Former American Idol finalist and country singer Danny Gokey has released his sophomore single, Hope in Front of Me, last February, and the single is now Top 10 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart. The similarly titled album debuted last week at number one on the Christian Albums chart, which indicates that Christian radio is clearly […]

  • American Idol
  • Elliott Yamin, “Three Words”

    American Idol Season Five finalist Elliott Yamin, who scored a #3 hit in 2007 with Wait For You, has released Three Words, the carrier single of his third CD, Let’s Get To What’s Real. After tasting mainstream success with Wait For You on independent label Hickory Records, Yamin is back on Koch Records – labelmates […]

  • American Idol
  • Susan Boyle: Outlier?

    The past two days have found me in conversation regarding the marketing of music in today’s increasingly difficult economic climate. The first time was with my wife, Cathy; we were debating whether or not it was more difficult to market a musician given the Internet. The second time was on the way to work this […]