Heather Williams, “Hallelujah”

Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Heather Williams is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen. I learned of her after seeing that her new single, Hallelujah (INO Records) is one of the five most-added tracks at Soft AC/Inspo radio this week, so I decided to check out YouTube to see what she was about, and my goodness, you all have to watch her tell her story.

I can’t even begin to explain to you how Hallelujah‘s power to affect one’s soul can be so strong. It’s a stirring prayer, a song, a plea, a desperate cry out to Jesus to do His work in us, weaved into such a moving, powerful tapestry of music and emotion that I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. “This is my prayer!” I whispered to myself as I listened to the song’s soaring crescendo, I was flushed, short of breath, and… just, wow. Heather wrote this after the death of her infant son – I shed buckets of tears listening to the story – and she was just in this place of brokenness that I think every Christian is bound to experience. You don’t have to experience the loss of a child to be in that place, and I think that songs like Heather Williams’ Hallelujah just have such power to speak for us when we cannot come up with the words ourselves.

There’s a video on Heather’s Facebook of her performing Hallelujah live, but I’m streaming the INO Records video underneath so you can watch how they’ve crafted a video that, IMHO, represents pretty much how our lives before Christ are kinda like houses – empty, vacant, waiting to be filled with His love and all the confidence, blessings, and life-changing things that come when Christ comes into our lives. Guys, believe me, I’ve recommended some songs before out of sheer lack of anything else viable, but I am wholeheartedly recommending you download Heather Williams’ Hallelujah and use it for your devotion time, your prayer time, maybe even in church, if the Spirit so leads. Heather Williams, you’ve crafted a masterpiece, and the Christian world needs to hear your song.


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Heather Williams

Jesus, please come
Please come today
Hear me
Heal me
Be near me I pray

I have fallen so far
Flat on my face
I’m in need of Your grace today
I stumble and fall
But in spite of it all
Your love always stays the same

Jesus, please come
Please come today
Break me
Mold me
Use me I pray

But don’t give up on me now
I’m so close to You now
I’m in need of Your grace today
wipe the dirt off my face
hold me in Your embrace
Your love always saves the day

I have fallen so far
flat on my face
I’m in need of Your grace today

Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah

On my knees here I fall
in spite of it all
And though it seems hard
I’m still trusting You Lord

  • Colette

    I love the song. I wish I could find it somewhere.

    I linked to the “Hallelujah” video on my blog entry, and you can purchase it for $0.99 on iTunes. I bought it; there’s a free track,
    “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.”

  • http://blog.bilbyfilms.com Joel Banta

    thanks Ganns, that song she wrote…uhmazing…

    thanks for telling people about it


  • http://HeatherWilliamsHallelujah jamie scott

    I want to sing this song at church I love it ! it,s the best song ever the words mean so much to me I would love to share the message. my local cbstore doesnt have it yet how can i get the soundtrack?

    Hi, Jamie! I’m afraid I don’t know. You might want to try going to Heather’s Facebook page and leaving her a message. Maybe she has a backing track for sale somewhere.

  • LVE

    This is a really great song and I wish someone would create an accompaniment track to it, or better yet, INO records (the label she’s signed to) should release the track.

    If all else fails, and no track is released soon I will see if I can have a track made somewhere. I think there’s some sites that offer to make accompaniment tracks for you or will remove the lead vocal. This song is too good not to have an accompaniment made for it!

    Yes, I do hope they make one soon!

  • John Dedge

    The most powerful song of praise I have ever heard!

    It’s certainly one of my favorites! Thanks for commenting, John!

  • Lynda

    I just checked Christianbook.com’s site and according to them there will be a track to this song available in March 2011. Can’t wait!

    Wow! That’s great news!

  • http://www.ilrfkc.org ashley Crompton

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    Thanks for sharing that link, Ashley.

  • Willona

    Christianbook.com will have an accompaniment for this song on 3/8/11. I have been waiting for it! This is a beautiful, heartfelt song.

  • judith

    I first heard this song when i accidently turn my radio to Start 99.1 FM radio which happens to be a christian station. OMG I absolutely love this song. such a beautiful and moving song, it brought me to tears. Ever since I heard this song it has become my daily prayer.Thank you Heather for an amazing song and Thankyou Start 99.1 for playing this song on the radio
    now I have star 99.1 locked on my radio

  • Sara

    The words in this song so moves me every time I hear it. It causes my inner being to be stirred and leads me to worshiping my Heavenly Father no matter where I am.  This song is one of the few anointed Christian songs that is sung from a true broken heart and a repentant state of needing Jesus at that moment. What persons can hear this heart cry of a prayer and not be moved?