I heart my Makati dentist

Day 1

Today, I visited my dentist in Makati Dr. Jay Catipon, for more than a routine cleaning. Today, Doc Jay started me on a two-week program designed to, um, whiten my teeth. lol

For a long time now, I’d been feeling a little insecure about the shade of my teeth. They lean more towards yellow than white. Doc Jay and his wife, Makati lady dentist Melody, told me that I had great teeth, but I told them that I was still concerned about the color. So they suggested I try their tooth whitening program, which was something I could do at home for two weeks, guaranteed to whiten my teeth a couple of shades. After much thinking, I said, “Okay, let’s do it!”

So two weeks ago, I visited Doc Jay so he could fit me with some moldings. (Sorry, I didn’t bring my phone nor my camera then, so I have no photos of that particular session.) Basically, he made me bite into some clay-type thing so he could create a mold of my teeth (done with the R2K Laboratory, which shares space at his office, the Catipon Dental Clinic in Makati). When I returned, he showed me these:

These are plastic molds of my teeth! Cool, no? (Doc Mel also showed me exactly why they said I had great teeth. And I realize, you know what? I do! Thanks, God! And thanks, Mom, for investing in laminating my teeth when I was old enough.)

Basically, I put these molds on at night with a little bit of the teeth whitening substance, and keep that on overnight. Next morning, I take ’em off, brush, and go ahead with life. Doing this two weeks in a row will result in noticeably whiter teeth. Isn’t that awesome? I LOVE IT!

So here’s the plan: I take one photo daily, using my iSight, before I go to bed, for the next two weeks. (That way the lighting stays constant.) We should notice changes soon, right? Here’s hoping! :)

DAY 1 

  • http://www.iblogall.com hezron

    Wow, galing naman ng dentist mo.


  • http://geekythoughts.blogspot.com david.edward

    hey, just wanna know if the price is affordable? im looking for a dentist na magpapa ayos ako ng teeth ko kasi hindi pantay… how can i email them? thanks sa help..

    Hi David, please email Doc Jay at mjaycat@yahoo.com or makatidentist@yahoo.com. Blessings!

  • http://geekythoughts.blogspot.com david.edward

    thanks!! your online pala.. hehehe

    Sure am. :)

  • Crys

    Hi, GannsDeen, I’ve been looking for this kind of testimony on the Internet for quite some time. You just helped me decide to go there now. My place is about 5-minute walk to Catipon Dental Clinic, thanks, I’ll sure be going there within this week.

  • ken

    san ba exactly to?
    gusto ko sana mag pa bunot eh

    Pasong Tamo, pare ko, tapat ng Makati Cinema Square.