SM Hypermarket makes magnificent memories of life’s milestones

UPDATE: THANK YOU, SM Hypermarket! This entry was judged one of the three best blog posts, and I took home a beautiful brand-new DVD player. Thank you!

In the Philippines, the ubiquitous shopping mall is an unmistakable part of local pop culture. At last count, Metro Manila is home to more than 30 shopping malls, all of whom jockey for our patronage and loyalty.For my family and me, however, whether we are in the market for life’s little necessities or preparing for life’s major milestones, there has always been one trustworthy name on which we can rely: SM Hypermarket.

From the promise of a new life…

On September 22, 2003, my wife Catherine went into labor at the Olivarez General Hospital in Sucat, Paranaque. It was a Monday, and the family car was coded. Luckily, SM Hypermarket Sucat was two minutes away from the hospital. I festooned my wife’s hospital room with colorful blue “It’s a boy” banners and balloons from the school supply section of SM Hypermarket Sucat. Our hospital guests welcomed Nathan James to the world; we welcomed them with cold juice and chips from SM Hypermarket Sucat.

… to the closure of a life well-lived…

Onwake2.gif June 13, 2005, my father, Nicholas, departed this world for a better place. We did not want to hold Dad’s wake at a funeral home, so my mother and I booked a conference hall beside our local church and held a four-day party in his honor, with exhibits, his favorite Johnny Walker Black, and Sinatra on the sound system. Senator Franklin Drilon joined us. See the stuff on the table? Snacks, juice drinks, ice, and materials for parlor games and the Mass? All available and present, thanks to the convenience of SM Hypermarket Bicutan.

… From the joy of knowing a friend isn’t too far away…

Shortly after Dad died, my family and I moved from Paranaque City to Quezon City. I worried a bit, not knowing where we’d do our shopping, but lo and behold! At the newly opened The Block, there was an SM Hypermarket! Hahaha! It was pure joy to welcome a new haunt with an old friend.

… to the accomplishment of a goal…

On June 10, 2007, we welcomed our daughter, Nicola Jean, named after my father, to the w4.giforld. As with Nathan, I festooned the hospital room with banners and other pa-cute decor from SM Hypermarket Sucat, this time in pink. Cathy was adamant she would nurse Nicki, but was unsure of whether she’d be able to do so after a failed first time with Nathan. Nevertheless, we wanted to try, and all the research we did on Aventis breast pumps at SM Hypermarket North EDSA truly came in handy for that wonderful day when mother and daughter shared that truly beautiful moment for the first time.

… From the joy of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration…

On September 18, 2004, we celebrated Nathan’s first birthday party with a VeggieTales-themed celebration at our home. The supplies for the the Bob the Tomato masks, parlor games and little giveaways that drove the children crazy… ever-reliable SM Hypermarket Sucat and Bicutan came through once more.

… to the everyday niceties that make one just a little happier to be alive…

I’m nursing a flu as I type this. Yesterday, I ventured out to do some grocery-shopping before Cathy leaves for Davao on Monday. I know it’ll be hard to be without my wife around, but Nicki has a brand-new can of Nan milk, Nathan has school snacks, there’s a week’s worth of fresh meat and vegetables in the fridge, and I’ve got Alaxan to help me type this. In sickness and health, I can rely on God, Cathy, and SM Hypermarket North EDSA/The Block.

… one knows can rely on SM Hypermarket to help make living life a little easier. Thanks, SM Hypermarket, for more than five years of memories.

(Will post photos within the next 24 hours)

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  • paul

    get well soon

  • ganns

    Thanks, Paul. :) Much appreciated.

  • Via

    Hi Ganns! Wow! Congrats on the baby girl! I was also born on June 10. :) Watch out for a madaldal baby girl! :)

  • ganns

    Hi Via! Thanks for the well wishes. She is quite talkative, even at two months. She kept me up from 3AM onwards this morning. :D

    Four ounces of Nan – purchased, naturally, at SM Hypermarket North EDSA – eventually knocked her out at half past five.

  • julie

    Ganns! Congratulations for winning the DVD! I regret not being able to talk with you longer than I want to. Enjoy your new DVD player, :)

  • http://smhypermarket bethfunelas

    Hi ganns! i saw you during the blogfest but never had a chance to introduce myself. congrats ha! the judges had a hard time. i liked your entry parang Sharing Memories…very SM talaga ..also sorry bout the registration, confusion started bec one sheet wasn’t printed..but just the same thanks for being there

  • SexyMom

    i knew you would make it. twas nice seeing you there, dear Ganns!

  • Ganns

    JULIE: Thanks, sis! I definitely will. It’s a spectacular DVD player!

    BETH: No problem at all! It isn’t easy organizing a party for 500 people! Kudos to you and the rest of the SM Hypermarket team. (And thank you for the kind words on my entry. I’m much humbled.)

    TINA DINE: I always always always love running into you at blogging events!